The Camping Adventure of a Lifetime!

Camper Intro

Calling All Campers!

Campers have been coming to Ahmek and Wapomeo since the early 1920’s. But we are about NOW and every day of every summer holds brand new adventures. Whether you’re a first timer or an experienced camper, you’ll feel comfortable as soon as you arrive. Throughout your stay, you’ll find the fun of living with other guys or other girls your age.

Camp encourages a sense of independence that can only happen away from home. We think it happens best in great camps like Wapomeo and Ahmek where you will make some of the best friends you will ever have. You will go through incredible experiences together – especially the adventure of your canoe trips- and those kinds of experiences will help you bond very closely.

Living on the islands or shores of Canoe Lake, where the legend of the great Canadian landscape artist Tom Thomson continues to linger, brings nature up close. Here you’ll fall asleep to the calls of the loon. The sight of a moose with huge antlers or a chance encounter with a deer will live on in your memory –even when you say goodbye to your new friends and head home for the busier rest- of- the- year life.