The Camping Adventure of a Lifetime!

Camp Prep

As Camp approaches, there are a number of preparations that assist in the transition to a happy summer camping experience. To help you with this, a Parent’s Guide to Camp will be sent out to you in April. Read it carefully and if you have any questions, be sure to contact our Camp Office.

Go over the section here on Camper’s Rights and review the Camper Code of Conduct. Answer anything your son or daughter may not understand regarding these two documents.

Finally ensure that you arrange transportation details in a timely fashion and that your son/daughter is aware of these arrangements, and if travelling a long distance, he/she has all the necessary documentation ready to go.

Clothing List

In addition, use the clothing list below to help you and your camper pack appropriate items. Very expensive articles are not appropriate, although sending a reasonably warm, but light sleeping bag is recommended. Paddles often go missing, so it is important, especially for young campers, to purchase an inexpensive paddle and, using a waterproof marker, inscribe on it your camper’s name. Reasonably priced paddles can also be purchased at our Camp tuck shops. Life jackets with a whistle attached must also be boldly labeled.

There is laundry service at Camp for boys and girls. Again, clothing must be clearly labeled with your camper’s name. We cannot be responsible for lost articles, but we will try to return anything of value that we find, if it can be identified.

Teaching children and teens the skills of bed-making, sweeping and removing garbage are helpful.  Having a brief talk about homesickness can be reduce jitters. Please avoid using expressions such as, ”We will miss you so much…” . Instead be positive, quietly enthusiastic and reassuring. Explore the various activities online and discuss setting some realistic goals (e.g. making a new friend, learning the Ahmek “J” stroke, riding a horse for the first time or seeing a moose).

Taylor Statten Camps will gladly assist you in any way possible to ensure that your camper is ready for a wonderful, memorable experience.