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Leadership Program

Camp Ahmek Leadership Program

The primary objectives of the TSC Leadership Program are as follows:

1) To develop an awareness of the variety of both in-camp and tripping alternatives offered at Camp Ahmek;

2) To challenge Mountaineer through Senior aged campers to pursue a high degree of proficiency in many areas related to camp life;

3) To instil in our campers and staff an understanding and appreciation for the basic principles and philosophies of Camp Ahmek, and;

4) To ultimately provide Camp Ahmek with a core group of potential staff leaders who are skilled, knowledgeable and compassionate.

Minimum standards, as indicated in the canoe tripping and activities sections, must be achieved in order to complete the program. These minimum standards do not earn the candidate any points.

In addition to the minimum standards, candidates must earn a total of 50 points in order to successfully complete the program. Although enrollment in the program starts with Mountaineer-aged campers (approximately 12 years of age), Voyageurs and Seniors can also join and submit standards earned in previous years. While points can be achieved during a candidate’s CIT year, participants are encouraged to complete most of the program as campers.

Documentation must be provided for all minimum standards and points being claimed. These documents will be kept on file and progress will be recorded in an online database operated by the camp that will be accessible to program participants.. Fulfillment of the minimum standards for riding, ecological awareness, and campcraft will be accomplished in-camp under the supervision of the leadership program director and the appropriate activity heads. In the apprenticeship area, hours must be logged with an activity head and submitted to the leadership program director. In the out-of-camp volunteerism area, hours must be logged with a supervisor and accompanied by an official letter describing the type of work that was done. Hours logged serving meals must be approved by the CIT SD/Head of Dining Hall.

When the candidate has successfully completed the leadership program and taken partin Camp Ahmek’s CIT program, he will be paid as a second year counselor/floater in his first year in this staff position. Graduation from the leadership program is contingent on the candidate’s abiding by the policies and procedures of the Taylor Statten Camps as both a camper and staff member. Failure to respect these rules and regulations will result in the candidate being removed from the program.

All supporting documentation submitted by candidates must be approved by the director of Ahmek or the leadership program director before points are officially awarded.

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