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Paddle of Pride Award

The Paddle of Pride is a Camp Ahmek award created on Taylor “The Chief” Statten’s birthday and designed to celebrate his determination and indefatigable spirit.  This award is given to campers who best exemplify qualities that The Chief set out to encourage in all young men: independence, strength of character, honesty, fairness, and generosity.

July 15-Dayer 2014 Recipient – Joe from the Pioneer SectionPaddle of Pride (2)

Joe had been to camp for quite a few years when he came back this summer. Remembering how homesick he was during previous years made him fear homesickness, and made dealing with it so much harder. One evening, one of his cabin mates gave him a little stress ball with a Canadian flag on it. From then on, every time he would feel homesick, Joe would squeeze the stress ball really hard, and find comfort in its presence. After a few days, Joe seemed to pick up on the positive attitude displayed by his cabin, section, and staff. He started making new friends, participating during activities; he started enjoying himself. And as his friends had helped him, Joe took it to himself to help his friends and cabin mates deal with their own homesickness. He succeeded in embracing the Ahmek way of life, in overcoming his fears and helping others deal with theirs; we believe he is more than deserving of the Paddle of Pride. Congratulations, Joe!

July 12-Dayer 2014 Recipient – Josh from the Pioneer Section

Josh Paddle of Pride (2)Josh had an amazing attitude from the moment he set foot in camp. He was a returning camper who embraced the values and lessons that camp teaches us. Josh was a role model to other campers, showing leadership across the board – whether it was volunteering to clean dishes on canoe trip, taking the Wanagan across a portage, or even helping other campers on portages; Josh just exceled at all aspects of camp life. Josh came to Ahmek with an open mind, ready to learn from his cabin mates and staff members about how to be a better tripper and better person as a whole. The chief’s paddle is awarded to a camper who exemplifies characteristics of independence, strength of character, honesty, fairness, and generosity. Perhaps Josh’s biggest personality strength was his generosity to his cabin mates, always putting his friends first and taking the time to explain traditions or aspects of camp life. His compassion and motivation infused his cabin mates, the section and all of camp. For everything he has done this month, Josh is more than deserving of the Paddle of Pride. Congratulations, Josh!