The Camping Adventure of a Lifetime!

Summer Events

Stilson Canoe Race – Ahmek – July & August

The Stilson is a canoe race that includes both paddling and portaging. It is recognized as Ahmek’s most intense race and its prize most coveted. The participants leave from the canoe docks and follow the long and arduous route. The Junior Stilsons, though suited to the age of the participants and shorter, are just as intense and held near the end of each session.

The Boule Canoe Race – Wapomeo – July & August

The Boule is a canoe race composed of a lengthy paddle. It is recognized as Wapomeo’s most intense and respected race. Participants leave from the sailing dock on Wapomeo Island and follow a long and arduous route around neighbouring islands. The Boule is adapted to cater to all age groups with a staff race as the last race of the day. These races are held towards the end of each session.

The Dewey Run

Every Thursday morning the Dewey Run is held at Camp Ahmek. The route is just under one mile long, it winds through various sections of camp, and ends in front of the Ahmek Dining Hall.

AHMEK & WAPOMEO ( Intercamps)

Inter-camps are an opportunity for both Ahmek and Wapomeo campers and staff to get together and share a fun day full of activities, games, challenges and a camp wide barbeque. Inter-camps typically have a theme and are organized by both camp Section Directors.

Gymkhana – July & August

For avid riders at Ahmek and Wapomeo, the Gymkhana is a day of games and fun on horseback.  Novice and experienced riders compete together on teams for the honour of winning the “Jimmy Khana Cup.”

The Big Event – August

A theme-based inter-camp event for the three youngest camper sections. An energetic, fun-filled day that ends with a shared BBQ. Past themes have included Medieval Times, Olympics, Carnival & Star Wars.