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Becoming a TSC Staff Member

Becoming a TSC Staff Member What to know when applying to be a TSC Staff Member How do I apply and where do I find more information about available positions? The first thing to know is that our staff application goes live on Monday, November 23rd 2015 and it can be found on our website […] continue reading >

The TSC Canoe Trip Program

The TSC Canoe Trip Program – A Guide The TSC Canoe Trip Program is a major part of what makes Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo so unique. However, the different names, lengths and locations can get confusing even for those who have been attending camp for years! Below you will find explanations to guide you through […] continue reading >

The Benefits of Camp

The benefits of Camp in the long term – what are they? Camp provides children with a chance to learn, without knowing they are learning. What we mean by this is that while participating in activities, co-existing with a group and going on canoe trip seems like a whole lot of fun, the learning aspect camouflages within […] continue reading >

Summer 2015

Summer 2015 at TSC was a great one. We loved every minute at Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo but there are a few events that really stand out. First of all, we had incredible weather. It is not often that a summer is consistently HOT. Summer 2015 at the Taylor Statten Camps involved sunshine filled days […] continue reading >

Camp after the Summer

Camp after the summer is definitely quieter, but that does not mean that it completely shuts down! Some of you may not know, but there are staff who stay up at camp until Thanksgiving and beyond! It is chilly, requiring bundling up in warm scarves, toques and jackets but all worth it. The colours of the leaves turn from […] continue reading >

Toronto School Group at Camp

Toronto School Group at Camp Ahmek This past weekend was one for the books! We had every type of weather you can imagine – warm sun, warm rain, cold rain, cold wind and general grey cloudiness. The group of Toronto students who made the trip to Canoe Lake this weekend, experienced an authentic Canadian Summer camp […] continue reading >

September Camp 2015

September Camp is our family camp that runs from the end of regular camp to Labour Day. New families and alumni come from all over to enjoy the nostalgia of summer camp, meeting new people and reuniting with familiar faces. Often, September Camp is an annual meeting point for groups of friends who grew up […] continue reading >

TSC Summer 2015

TSC Summer 2015 has come to an end with the last week of the August session. When camp winds down, there are many special events and activities that campers have the opportunity to participate in. The August campers work hard towards their swim and canoe levels, taking their last ride on a horse and completing their arts & crafts projects, […] continue reading >

Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo

Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo are brother-sister camps. The camps provide a unique summer camp experience. The way in which the camps are set up have the Ahmek boys on the mainland and the Wapomeo girls on two beautiful islands. The camps co-exist, sharing activity spaces and getting together for Intercamp events and evening programs. […] continue reading >

Going out on Canoe Trip

Going out on Canoe Trip for the first time can be a bit scary at first but is it ever worth the shot. Taking time out of your busy life to enjoy nature to its fullest not only allows you to relax and regroup for the school year ahead but also reminds you how fortunate […] continue reading >