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The Opposite of Loneliness

Below is a piece that Becca Hastings read this summer for a morning meditation at Wapomeo. The Opposite of Loneliness: We don’t have a word for the opposite of loneliness, but if we did, I could say that’s what I want in life. What I’m grateful and thankful to have found at Yale, and what [...] continue reading >

Silver Days

In honour of the rainy day we are having in Toronto, below is the original “Silver Days” morning meditation given by Taylor Statten I on July 18, 1949. “This is a silver day. It is the sort of day that we were looking for in Florida last winter. In the southern part of Florida, from [...] continue reading >

TSC Reunion in Ottawa

The Taylor Statten Camps’ Alumni Association (TSCAA) is holding “The Final Dance” Reunion on Oct 25 at Johnny Farina’s Restaurant/Lounge in Ottawa. Information and tickets are available at: All TSC alumni are welcome along with spouses/partners/friends. The evening will feature a live band, good food, a cash bar and great people with lots of memories. Ottawa [...] continue reading >

Camp Friendships

Making friends is one of the most valuable factors of our camp life. Every summer campers meet people whom they never cease to like. Wherever we go we see evidence of this. In schools and colleges throughout the country, it is the usual rather than the exceptional thing to see two or more people who [...] continue reading >

Celebrating Camp Culture

This past weekend I was in Toronto for the wedding of a good friend of mine – Alex Plant. Alex went to Wap for a number of years as both a camper and staff. The wedding was a ton of fun because there were so many camp friends there, and the great Taylor Statten I [...] continue reading >

Mastering The Art of Appreciation

I’m a third year office staff at the Taylor Statten Camps. I must admit, I was anxious coming up here in the beginning of June and staying until the end of September. I could’ve looked at four months away from the city as a negative thing or use these months as a positive filled with [...] continue reading >