The Camping Adventure of a Lifetime!

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2013 Ahmek Photos!
2013 Ahmek Photos!Oct 8, 2013Photos: 55
2013 Wapomeo photos!
2013 Wapomeo photos!Jul 30, 2013Photos: 37
Around Wap 2012
Around Wap 2012Jul 20, 2012Photos: 28
Ahmek Cabin Photos 2012
Ahmek Cabin Photos 2012Jul 20, 2012Photos: 64
Around Ahmek 2012
Around Ahmek 2012Jul 20, 2012Photos: 31
Wap Cabin Photos 2012
Wap Cabin Photos 2012Jul 17, 2012Photos: 78

5 Responses

  1. Gerald Wood says:

    Terrific photos,brings back memories of times I will never forget.My 10 years at camp were the happiest of my life and helped guide me through some difficult times.Thanks to the Chief and all who followed in his footsteps.How-How !

  2. Allan Stern says:

    Any photos from 1968? I was a camper for a few years back then – some of best years of my life! My father was a counsler before me probably in the early 40s.

  3. Jim Felstiner says:


    How and/or where do I post some ancient pictures? Ji m

  4. Cedric says:

    some muck very good memories ! any photos of camp 1994 ??

  5. admin says:

    Hi Cedric,

    Thanks for your comment! If you visit the photo section of the TSC Alumni Facebook page there are lots of older photos. Here’s the link:


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