The Camping Adventure of a Lifetime!

Photo Albums

Ahmek Cabin Photos August 2015
Ahmek Cabin Photos August 2015Aug 27, 2015Photos: 25
Wapomeo Cabin Photos August 2015
Wapomeo Cabin Photos August 2015Aug 27, 2015Photos: 33
Wapomeo Cabin Photos July 2015
Wapomeo Cabin Photos July 2015Jul 31, 2015Photos: 38
Ahmek Cabin Photos July 2015
Ahmek Cabin Photos July 2015Jul 31, 2015Photos: 29
Wapomeo Cabin Photos August 2014
Wapomeo Cabin Photos August 2014Aug 19, 2014Photos: 39
Ahmek Cabin Photos August 2014
Ahmek Cabin Photos August 2014Aug 18, 2014Photos: 34
Around Ahmek August 2014
Around Ahmek August 2014Aug 14, 2014Photos: 75
Around Ahmek July 2014
Around Ahmek July 2014Jul 19, 2014Photos: 101
Around Wapomeo July 2014
Around Wapomeo July 2014Jul 19, 2014Photos: 97
Ahmek Cabin Photos July 2014
Ahmek Cabin Photos July 2014Jun 30, 2014Photos: 37
Wapomeo Cabin Photos July 2014
Wapomeo Cabin Photos July 2014Jun 29, 2014Photos: 43
Around Wapomeo August 2014
Around Wapomeo August 2014Aug 3, 2013Photos: 96

5 Responses

  1. gaetan paré says:

    I ever leave here one month in july 1970

  2. Andre Raymond Lambert says:

    The best camp that i went to in my younger days from 1960 to 1971
    thank you to DR. TAY and Wife for the time i spend there has a camper.
    I will always remember the nice display i did for the place in 1971 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the camp. 1921-1971……………

  3. Douglas McQueen says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed my camping years from 6yrs to 15yrs (1942-1950) although I was never a CIT but enjoyed taking a part in Theatre production of Oklahoma; obtaining my Senior Swimmer, Senior Canoeist, Skippers licence; enjoyed canoe tripping. My Camping experience prepared me for my outdoor activities in boating and scouting as a CPS member and Scout councillor of 35yrs.

  4. Kim Abell says:

    I have three kids at Camp this August and next year I’ll be sending my fourth for the three night trial. This is the greatest gift you could ever give your children! My kids were so excited to go to a Camp. Truthfully it’s the most excited I have ever seen them about anything. They love it so much. Love the photos! Algonquin Park is the most beautiful place on earth.

  5. Christine Grant says:

    How fortunate I was to be at Wap for 4 months of my life!
    Algonquin Park truly is the most beautiful place on Earth!

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