TSC Merit Awards-2015

  TSC War Canoe Merit Awards-2015 The War Canoe Merit Awards have been established by the Taylor Statten Camps to recognize and compliment the contributions made by TSC Alumni and others to the War Canoe Restoration Project. Under the leadership of Alumnus and “canoe” enthusiast, Bob Henderson, the Project is steadily approaching its goal of $45,000. In 2015, War Canoe Merit Awards of $1500 will be offered to two deserving young people who aspire to attend TSC but would benefit significantly from additional funds in order to make the cost of their dreams more manageable. For example, families that require a bit of help to make a 2 month long trip a reality, or parents with multiple campers who are thinly stretched by the total cost, may be seeking assistance. These are only a couple of examples of ways in which these Awards may help to provide TSC experiences to more campers and their families. There is no application procedure for 2015 but suggestions can be emailed to info@taylorstattencamps.com. These Awards will continue for many years, especially as additional contributions to the War Canoe Restoration Project are realized. The Taylor Statten Camps are committed to matching total net contributions (after HST and other costs are deducted), made by Alumni, parents and others, to the War Canoe Restoration Project, with yearly discounted fees (Merit Awards). If you would like more information about the War Canoe Restoration Project, please go to the Alumni link on this website.