Summer is almost here!

The summer is almost here! It may not seem like it, but summer is just around the corner. Before you know it, we will all be back on Canoe Lake. Campers are getting excited and will need to start preparing for their session at camp. Here at the offices of the Taylor Statten Camps in Toronto, we are very busy with getting everything ready. Campers are coming from far and wide.
We are very excited to be welcoming new international campers, new Canadian campers and many new sibling campers for their first summer at TSC. They will soon be part of our TSC family and will understand just why TSC is so special and the bond that ties us all together.
Whether you are a try out camper or a long standing camper, the anticipation is building. Summer friendships will be rekindled as a new adventure begins. When we look over the lake we will breath a sigh of relief to be back again!
What is your favourite thing about camp? Is it the beauty of your surroundings, the friendships, the freedom or all of the above!
Enjoy your summer, relish the experience and live the adventure!

Check out all the fun photos we have been posting on facebook.

Make sure you have your list and if you are missing anything let us know, there are some great new items at the tuck shop!

See you all very soon.

From the team at the Taylor Statten Camps