Sun Safety at TSC

Sun Safety at TSCGreetings from Canoe Lake! The staff at Taylor Statten are busy preparing for the anticipated arrival of the July campers. We can’t wait to get into the full swing of summer and get to know everyone. Before the session starts, we prepare our staff with the appropriate safety procedures and policies to ensure a healthy and happy summer on Canoe Lake. The Taylor Statten Camps is proud to say that we are one of fifteen camps in Canada that have partnered with the Melanoma Network of Canada. By prioritizing preventative action in sun safety, our staff can help create a sun safe culture at camp that helps to prevent the detrimental effects of sun exposure. We are educating our staff on the harmful effects of UV exposure and structuring camp policies around sun safety. The detrimental consequences of UV exposure can lead to skin cancer, including melanoma, one of the most dangerous types of skin cancer. Melanoma is one of the most common types of cancer for people between 15-29, so we stress the importance of proper preemptive techniques so everyone on Canoe Lake can have an enjoyable summer.

As camp counselors, the Taylor Statten staff act as positive examples of healthy habits for the campers to emulate, which fully extends to sun safe practices. We will be leading by example by establishing a routine for the campers and ourselves. The routine includes liberal application of sunscreen 15 minutes before exposure, emphasis on the use of protective gear such as sun shirts and sunglasses, and time spent in shaded areas during peak hours of sunshine. We understand that preventative action is our responsibility, and we hope to establish a routine for campers so they can bring healthy habits back to the city. The campers will also be receiving a new UV bracelet that turns purple at high levels of UV exposure, at which point we can move campers to a shaded area or continue to reapply sunscreen. By wearing a bracelet, the campers and staff can understand how often they are exposed to UV rays and what actions to take to be able to enjoy time outside while still preventing skin damage.

Before the campers arrive, the staff will be required to study a lesson plan and pass a sun safety test provided by the Melanoma Network of Canada. By understanding the risks of UV rays, the staff are provided with the resources they need to take action against overexposure. We are happy about our new affiliation with the Melanoma Network, and hope our sun safety policies stick with the campers when they leave us at the end of the session. The Taylor Statten staff are excited for yet another eventful, exciting and healthy summer on Canoe Lake!