Happy Canada Day!

Today our great country turns 147 years old! It’s a day for us to celebrate our country – celebrate that we live in a peaceful land and that we have easy access to clean water to drink and paddle in. It’s a day to celebrate the human rights we have – the freedom to speak and act as we like… and it’s a day to celebrate our people. Canadians travel all over this world and without fail, they’re welcomed, accepted and even revered. To be Canadian is an enormous privilege… we are a nation of friendly, caring, strong, independent and beautiful people.

I’d like to share with you a story that I’m sure many of you already know, that comes from this past year at the Winter Olympics in Sochi. During the Olympic qualifying rounds in speed skating, one of Canada’s big medal contenders, Denny Morrison, had a bad race and lost his spot to compete for a medal. His teammate, Gilmore Junio, decided to give up his own spot in the race to allow the veteran, Denny, to have a chance at an Olympic medal. This incredible act of selflessness not only illustrates our amazing Canadian spirit, but also ended up winning Canada one of its 25 medals at the Winter Games. Junio, in his beautiful act of sportsmanship, has become a Canadian Hero.

Today I look out and I see a room full of Canadian heroes. While we listen to some music, spend some time reflecting on this great country and its great people. Happy birthday Canada!

-Greg and Katie Albisser