Second Week of Camp

Wapomeo July 2014
The first campers arrive at Wapomeo for the first session – July 2014.

We are now in the second week of camp. Hard to believe it, time passes quickly when you are having fun! The campers have come from far and wide and are having a fantastic time in the beautiful surroundings of Algonquin Park. Camp for those who experience it, is such a big part of their life. It has a formative impact and not only are the friendships often life-long but the skills learned at camp are invaluable. Whether it is learning to be independent, learning leadership skills, motivational skills, these all translate to incredible future life skills.

Campers prepare all year to go to camp. They may not always see their cabin mates during the year, but they remember the fun, the songs, the surroundings and above all the adventure! The anticipation of the journey up – whether by car, bus or plane is soon forgotten and becomes pure happiness, as soon as the children arrive in the familiar surroundings of the Taylor Statten Camps. We hope you agree that camp is fun and it really is an amazing adventure!

The memories last a lifetime. Many campers, current and alumni – simply think of Wapomeo and Ahmek as the best of times! #memoriesTSC

Look at our camper in the photo. She arrived for her 15 day July session at Wapomeo, so happy and so excited to be back. In this photo she is with her counsellor. This is her 5th year at Wapomeo and she is looking forward to many more. This is part of summer –this is what you wait all year for. Like many campers who are part of the TSC community, her father, uncle, cousins and even Great-Aunt went to the Taylor Statten camps! It is her first year as a Tuscie – and she is having so much fun. She came up to camp on the bus for the first time, but even the journey up was fun, seeing old friends, talking about camp and how much fun they would have.

Let the adventure continue!

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