What TSC Campers Can Learn From LeBron James

Last week LeBron James announced that he was returning to Cleveland. After leaving the Cavaliers for four years to play basketball in Miami, James is returning to his hometown where he hopes to have an impact both on and off the court.

For today’s morning meditation at Ahmek we read and discussed LeBron’s Essay, I’m Coming Home, in which he announced his decision and explained his reasons for returning to play basketball for his hometown.

TwoAhmek Dining Hall important lessons that we took from the essay, and that we can all apply to our own lives, are forgiveness and the admission of mistakes. LeBron is going to have to forgive the Cleveland organization and fans for slandering him when he decided to leave, and Cleveland is going to have to forgive LeBron for what they feel was abandoning them. LeBron admitted that he made mistakes in the way he handled leaving Cleveland. What’s great about LeBron’s admission of mistakes is that because so many young men and women look up to him, in a way it gives young people permission to admit that they also make mistakes in their own lives and they don’t need to be perfect, because none of us are or ever will be.

If we look in our own lives there are most certainly instances where we will have to both ask for and practice forgiveness when we make mistakes and when others make mistakes that affect us. Rather than allowing resentment to build when mistakes do occur, we should accept mistakes as part of life and forgive one another when they occur. We are all going to have successes and failures and the important thing is that we use both types of experiences as learning opportunities; we feel this is a key part of the “Ahmek Spirit”.