July 17, 2014

TORONTO, ON. – The Taylor Statten Camps are pleased to announce that Taylor C. Statten has arranged a share acquisition which effectively places him in sole control of Taylor Statten Camp Company, Limited. This share acquisition returns the Camp ownership to “one family”, after the shares were divided among three families upon the passing of Taylor Statten I, the founder of The Taylor Statten Camps.

In operation since 1921, the Company manages Camp Ahmek for Boys, Camp Wapomeo for Girls and Family (September) Camp on the shores of Canoe Lake in Algonquin Park, Ontario, Canada. The Camps also own and operate a canoe tripping Outpost site in the Temagami area
of Ontario. The Camp experience is highlighted by an extensive canoe tripping program for all
but the very youngest campers. Campers range from 6 to 16 years of age.

Reflecting on this eventful occasion Taylor C. Statten commented: “I am excited to fully
embrace this wonderful opportunity – to provide exceptional camping experiences and
memories for great campers, their trusting parents, dedicated staff members and loyal
alumni. I am committed to ensuring that our summer camping and canoe-tripping practices
remain relevant and that the cherished traditions of the past continue to be revered. With
TSC’s 100th anniversary just years away in 2020, I am grateful to be following in the footsteps
of my great-grandfather, Taylor Statten 1st, my grandfather, Dr. Taylor Statten
(Dr.Tay), and my father, Taylor “Tike” Statten, each of whom spent many years directing the
Camps. This is a challenge to which I aspire, which I respect and one which I do not take

The Taylor Statten Camps provide rich and diversified summer adventures, centred on
principled and healthy core values, traditions and a strong respect for prized natural
surroundings. Campers participate in a variety of in-camp activities, canoe tripping and social
interactions that emphasize individual potential, character development and community
interaction. Lifetime friendships are bonded through summers of team building and group
cohesion. This camping experience has been part of the TSC tradition and culture that now
spans over 90+ years.