Making Your Own Path to Happiness

Kiowa 1A (AlexEllie)Google defines happiness as “the state of being happy”, but they don’t tell you how to get there – you need to figure that out yourself. Life brings you through many ups and downs, the best times and the worst times, but it’s up to you to follow the paths that make you the most happy, instead of following the path that pleases someone else. Happiness is linked to acceptance, love and patience. Being happy means understanding, accepting and loving the person within you no matter what the influences are around you. I think that camp is a special place where happiness shines through. Everyone at camp is just one soul ready to show the rest of the island what they are made of. Wapomeo is a place of no judgement where love, acceptance and patience is in the atmosphere. Spread the happiness within you to others by showing them your best self and best qualities, and never let anyone make your path of happiness for you.

– Sinead Walker, CIT