Silver Days

In honour of the rainy day we are having in Toronto, below is the original “Silver Days” morning meditation given by Taylor Statten I on July 18, 1949.

Silver Days

“This is a silver day. It is the sort of day that we were looking for in Florida last winter. In the southern part of Florida, from the second of January right through with one exception, it was hot and sunshiny – a golden day every day and you sort of got fed up with golden days after a while, and you longed for a day like this.

If we can train ourselves to appreciate a day like this, we are going to get more fun out of life because we are bound to run into a good many silver days. Quite a number of canoe trips are going out today and they will go out rain or shine and they will like it, but there may be an occasional boy who is afraid of the rain and the occasional boy whose idea of a good time comes only when the sun shines.

As we go through life, we are going to have all kinds of days. It is not all going to be sunshine, and if we can perhaps prepare ourselves today so that we get the very most we can out of it, it is going to help us in days to come. It doesn’t make any difference whether it rains or freezes, we can have a good time, and it largely depends on what the other fellows think of us and that depends on how I consider them.

So in the next few minutes, just go quickly over yesterday and the day before. And let us try to make up our minds that we are going to be just as decent as we can to every other fellow, that this thing known as the Ahmek spirit is going to be more abundant, that we are going to develop some of it today, and that we are all going to have a good time.

Let us see if we just can’t get set to make the most of this silver day.”

-Delivered by Taylor Statten I on July 18, 1949