Every Sunday morning at Wapomeo a section of campers leads the camp in Chapel. Chapel is a time for Wapomeo campers and staff to take a break from their daily routine and reflect on an important aspect of camp life. Below is a Chapel that our Kiowa campers (aged 7 – 9) led on what they expected of camp in terms of friendship.

Wapomeo Friendship

Cabin 1A

– At first I thought I wasn’t going to make any friends but I ended up making lots
– I was shy at first because I didn’t know what camp was like and I didn’t think I was going to make very many friends but in the end I did
– I thought I would be so shy because I’ve never been to camp before but now I’ve made very good friends
– I was scared at camp on the first day because I had no friends but after awhile I made very good friends
– I was nervous because my sister wasn’t going to be a Kiowa with me but on the first night I made friends with all the girls in my cabin

Cabin 1B

– I can do anything with knowing my best friend is right next to me. Friends can get you through a bad day and they give you trust and happiness. When you have a friend you feel like you can tell them anything you want.
– Coming to camp I’ve been a good friend by sharing, talking to each other, and hugging each other if they’re sad and this makes us feel like a family
– It can be tough to come to camp. You don’t have your parents and it’s new but you make so many new friends and learn so much about one another.
– Your heart grows bigger when you have more friends
– Everyone you meet can help you get through things you might not have been able to get through alone
– Even though you don’t know them at first, , they can still help you out and be nice
– If you’re feeling sad, friends are always there for you
– Friends share and care no matter what
– A friend is a shoulder you can lean on

Cabin 2A
– Friendship is hard to learn but easy to get. Friendship is tough. My friend told me that friendship can come at tough times and will be there to help you on the way
– Friendship is loyalty, kindness and a friendly bond between a number of people
– Friendship is like a rainbow. It goes away but eventually comes back.
– A true friend will tell you the truth even if the truth hurts. Friends will forgive.
– A true friend is like god. They’re there when you need help. A friend is like love because they care when you get hurt or sick.

Cabin 2B

F – Forever and always
R – Respect one another
I – inclusive
E – Empathy
N – Never give up
D – Don’t put down
S – Side by side
H – Helpful
I – Interactive
P – Positive

Cabin 3A

– Friendship means being loyal and honest
– Friendship is not something you find everyday
– I think friendship means being nice to your friends and caring about them. It also means that you’re not mean to your friends
– Friendship is not something you can buy at your favourite store. You earn it through kindness and honesty
– I think of friendship as you be nice to them and they’re nice to you back

Poem from Mattie J.T. Stepanek’s Loving through Heartsongs

It is good to have a friend…
Someone to comfort, and
Someone to be comforted by.
Someone to trust, and
Someone to be trusted by.
Someone to play with, and
Someone to play with you.
It is good to have a friend…
A true friend offers respect and honesty.
A true friend shows consideration and trust.
A true friend cares and supports gently.
True friends work together as a team.
It is good to have a friend…
Friendship is a very special gift.
Friendship is a very special bond.
Friendship is a very special relationship
Between and among people.
It is good to have a friend…
When one has a friend,
One can feel loved for being oneself.
When one has a friend,
One can believe and rejoice in the moment.
When one has a friend,
One can travel through life in contentment.
It is good to have a friend…
Friendship is the key that opens
The door to harmony,
The river of peace, and
The hope of the future.
It is good to have, and to be, a friend.