The Timelessness of Canoe Trip

Below is a morning meditation that was given by Maddie Harper this past summer on the sense of timelessness you experience on canoe trip.

Wapomeo Summer Camp for Girls

“At camp time always seems to fly by. No matter how many summers you’ve spent here at Wapomeo it always feels like you’ve never left. Time is a strange concept. We can’t control it yet it controls us. No matter how much we try to stop time it always goes on. For those of us who have been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to go on a long trip there is always a point where time seems to slip away. You get lost in the routine of canoe trip. The strong winds and long portages soon become part of who you are and the norm. You wake up with excitement for what the day has in store for you and what you will be able to accomplish. Every little thing is a test to see how strong you are, mentally, physically and emotionally. However these tests are what makes the trip pass by so fast. One day you’re leaving Wap to go on trip and before you know it you’re stepping out of the canoe back onto the island.

Now I’ll read a passage from Sigurd Olsen’s The Singing Wilderness.

‘When one finally arrives at the point where schedules are forgotten and becomes immersed in ancient rhythms, one begins to live. Our lives seem governed by speed, tension and hurry. We move so fast and are caught so completely in a web of confusion there is seldom time to think. Our cities are veritable beehives dominated by the sounds of traffic and industry. Even at the top of the highest building one is conscious of the hive’s human busyness. The change of seasons is often unobserved, the coming of winter, spring, summer and autumn. Winter merely means an aggravation of traffic and transportation, spring the slushiness of rain, summer dust and heat, fall the withering of transplanted flowers and the threat of cold. In the wilderness there is never this sense of having to move, never the feeling of boredom if nothing dramatic happens. Time moves slowly, as it should, for it is a part of beauty that cannot be hurried if it is to be understood. Without this easy flowing, life can become empty and hectic.’

For the time you have left at camp make sure that you make every second count. We are extremely fortunate to have the privilege to spend the summer away from the busyness of the cities and to be on this beautiful island that many of us call home.”

– Maddie Harper