TSCAA Annual Meeting Minutes-January 2015

Present: David Jefferies; David Snell; John Gilles; Julie Girvan; Julia Summers; Delphine White; Tike Statten (Chair)

1. Mandate to support a) TSC Alumni b)TSC  c) TSC Bursary Fund was reaffirmed

2. Activities and Events in 2014 that supported this mandate: a) Facebook and Twitter – Alumni, Bursary Fund and TSC Information    b) Reunion in Ottawa – Alumni event               c) Golfing/Biking/Hiking/Reunion – Alumni event and TSC Bursary (Dr.Tay Endowment) fundraiser  d) War Canoe Renovation Project/ War Canoe Video-direct support to TSC

3. TSC Reunion in Toronto – May 23, 2015   Proposal: to be confirmed by TSCBF, would include: Hockey Tournament  (including recreational skating), TSCAA Golfing, Biking and Hiking Event and an informal evening gathering at Scallywags Pub.

4. Discussion about ways TSCAA could support/promote September Camp.

Thanks to all who attended.