Beauty is Sincerity

Beauty is SincerityThere was an amazing quote I once heard that says “beauty is sincerity”. To me, being who you truly are is the most beautiful thing you can be. Being a beautiful person does not consist of perfect hair, skin, eyes or physique, but rather of kindness, compassion and sincerity. For there is no one in the world that can judge your beauty other than yourself. At camp, and on canoe trip, we are stripped of many luxuries we have available to us in the city. The media portrays an image of beauty that we are influenced by everyday. But, at camp, and without access to the media, our perception of beauty is no longer a perception, but a feeling. We watch each other and ourselves laugh, play, learn and grow. And those actions represent us sincerely being beautiful people.

This quote, though extremely relevant to humans, is also evident in nature. Algonquin is a beautiful park that we are so privileged to live in each summer. The trees, water and animals we see when we open up our cabin doors each day are beautiful because they are sincere. Untouched for the most part, Algonquin is a very special place because it is what it truly is.

So what I leave with you today is the hope that you find your beauty here at camp and use it, and all that you’ve learned back in the city and throughout the school year.

-Avery Johnstone, August 2014