The Boulé Canoe Race

Below is a passage taken from “Fires of Friendship; 80 Years of The Taylor Statten Camps” about the origins of the Wapomeo Canoe Race, The Boulé.

Wapomeo Canoe Race“Wapomeo initiated a camper canoe race in the late 1970’s. One Wap guide used to urge her campers on after a portage by saying, “Let’s Boulé.” She may have been thinking about the French word for cannonball – “boulet” – and blasting off from the landing. Tike picked up the phrase and thought it an appropriate name for the new Wapomeo canoe race.

The first Boulé was held in August of 1978; Senior campers Kim Ritchie and Louise Poirier won with a time of 27:44 minutes. Today, there is one course for the younger girls encircling Main Wapomeo Island, and a second for the Senior campers and staff. The staff’s results and times are recorded on a plaque in the Wapomeo Dining Hall.”

– Fires of Friendship; page 183