Moving Day Has Arrived

Moving Day Has Arrived!

Moving up to camp
TSC is moving up to Camp


The boxes are packed and we are ready to go. Here in the office, we cannot believe it is already time to move to Algonquin.

This is our favourite time of year.

Camper files are sorted, program supplies are ordered and all that is left is to load up the moving truck. We have been working hard all winter to make sure that your summer is as wonderful and organized as possible.

In the office you can find the people who are dedicated all year to making your summer the best it can be. You can find Khatija at the front desk, completing camper registrations and answering your questions. In the back room, you will find Joubert and Racquel. Joubert is busy hiring all the staff, from counsellors to program heads as well as organizing all TSC canoe trips. Racquel is in charge of ordering program supplies, tuck and posting as much as possible on the Facebook page and camp website. Rebecca was in the office as well to make sure that buses will be waiting to pick you up in Toronto, Montreal and Ottawa! Her next step is to head to Camp Wapomeo to be your Assistant Director. Taylor is here every day making sure that the camp is running smoothly and efficiently.

We cannot wait to see your smiling faces at Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo. The anticipation and excitement is palpable! Please feel free to check out the Taylor Statten Camps Facebook page for further updates and photos.

See you soon!