Preparing for Summer 2015

Preparing for Summer 2015.  We would like to thank the Taylor Statten Camp’s Work Crew and Maintenance Team.

Have you ever wondered how camp looks the way it does when you arrive? With canoes laid out on the dock, sailboats in the water and newly painted cabins? Without a doubt, your first moments arriving at Camp Ahmek or Camp Wapomeo are breathtaking, the tree line stretching as far as the eye can see and the lake sparkling in the sun. It is hard to believe the camps were once covered in snow!

What many people do not know is that once Spring has sprung, a crew of wonderful Taylor Statten staff, which can include counsellors, guides, section directors, senior staff, program staff and support staff, move up to camp and get straight to work. This group works with Dave Standfield and the TSC maintenance crew to ensure camp is ready for camper arrival day. The TSC maintenance crew is responsible for fixing the beautiful TSC canoes, building new canoes, keeping camp clean, building and fixing cabins, and laundry!

This year’s work crew is lead by Tyler Stafl, a dedicated Ahmek staff member. They have been working hard, painting and cleaning cabins, moving canoes, organizing the dining halls, moving brush and more. The big projects that were completed this Spring include re-decking Ghost Walk bridge, building the long boat shed to house the war canoes, and roofing in the Pioneer Section, Rest Camp and Tuscie Section. Some of the work crew even headed up to the Outpost for a week to test canoes, set up tents and clean until the whole place shined.

So here is to the people who put the time and energy into making camp run! Thank you to everyone on the 2015 TSC Work Crew and the maintenance team who continue to work hard every day. We all appreciate what you do!

TSC Work Crew
The 2015 TSC Work Crew