Camp is Awesome

Camp is awesome! The Taylor Statten Camps provide a unique experience to campers and staff of all ages. There are many aspects of the camps that are central to the essence of TSC. Below are 10 things that make TSC totally AWESOME.

  1. The Location

What better location than Algonquin Park for a children’s summer camp? A favourite amongst Canadian painters like Tom Thomson, Canoe Lake provides a landscape lush with trees and lakes that are crisp and blue. Wapomeo and Ahmek Campers are lulled to sleep by the loons, allowing them to rest up for the fun filled day ahead.

  1. The Brother-Sister Camp Relationship

Unique to the Taylor Statten Camps is the relationship that exists between Camp Ahmek for boys and Camp Wapomeo for girls. Although girls and boys are at separate camps, the bond that develops between both camps is sibling like. Campers and staff develop lifelong friendships during activities such as Thursday Intercamps. Do not forget about the brother-sister lunch that happens every Sunday! Siblings are welcomed at both camps to enjoy a delicious meal together.

  1. The War Canoes

The TSC war canoes are record breaking vessels. They are known as the largest wood/canvas canoes in the world measuring at 42Ft in length! These canoes are used every day by Camp Wapomeo and are considered a primary source of transportation.

  1. The History

The Taylor Statten Camps is rich with history, with Camp Ahmek dating back to 1921 and Camp Wapomeo following in 1924. The brother-sister relationship these two camps have developed is one that leads to friendships that last a lifetime.

  1. The Activities

Camp Wapomeo and Camp Ahmek offer a variety of activities. Whether your passion is arts & crafts and pottery or swimming and horseback riding – there is always something for everyone. The Taylor Statten camps pride itself in maintaining a broad range of activities to suit all personalities!

  1. The Canoe Trips

The Taylor Statten Camps offers canoe trips ranging in length and region. The younger campers will head out on trips from 1 night to 10 days while the older campers head out for 10 – 50 days. You can find Camp Wapomeo and Camp Ahmek campers in areas such as Algonquin Park, Temagami, Kipawa and Biscotasing!

  1. The Traditions

Water boiling, fire by friction, canoe races, sing songs and more! The list is endless when it comes to the traditions of the camps. Campers and staff look forward to participating in these traditions every year.

  1. The Staff

Camp Wapomeo and Camp Ahmek staff come from all over the world and bring with them to camp a passion for working with kids and the outdoors that cannot be replicated anywhere else. Some staff members have been campers for years and can proudly say they’ve been with TSC for upwards of 10 years. Other staff are recent members of the team however, despite the number of years, the staff at Camp Wapomeo and Camp Ahmek provide every single camper the experience of a life time. They are amazing people!

  1. The Memories

The memories made a camp shape who we become. They are memories that last with us forever, keep the child in us in full spirits. Memories are made with friends, with staff members, on canoe trip and during programs. They can come in the form of a sunny day swimming in the lake and a rainy day, splashing around in puddles. Camp memories are the best memories.

  1. The Campers

Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo campers are the very best campers around. They are open minded, strong, brave, interesting, and so FUN! They are the reason the camp exists and the reason the camp continues to thrive. Thank you to all our campers for staying true to themselves, working hard, trying new things and bringing a smile to our faces every single day. 

TSC camp 2015
Camp is so much fun!