Mail Call

How mail works at the Taylor Statten Camps

Mail call – Letters, care packages and emails are something that Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo campers look forward to everyday. Mail is checked Monday – Friday in the afternoon and brought to the receptionists to be sorted according to section or special trip. Each section has a mailbox that is checked every night by counsellors and following dinner, a package list is read out to the camp by the Program Director. If a camper hears their name, they are to report to the reception area with their counsellor to open their package. Candy and other food items are taken out to prevent animal visitors!

There are multiple ways to contact a Taylor Statten Camps camper. This year, we started using a new email system that is free! To create an account, please refer to the Quick Links box at the bottom right of our website’s homepage ( The link Send Camper Email will take you the page where you can create an account and start sending emails (

The next option for camper mail is using the camp mailing address to send letters and packages. The address for this is as follows:

Camper Name Camp Ahmek/Camp Wapomeo P.O Box 10007 Algonquin Park, Ontario P1H 2H2

If you prefer to send a care package by courier such as Purolator or Fed Ex, the address you need is as follows:

Camper Name Camp Ahmek/Camp Wapomeo Taylor Statten Camps Business Office Canoe Lake, Algonquin Park P1H 2H2

For Special Trips such as Kipawa, Bisco and 50 Day, you have two options. The first is using the addresses stated above. This mail arrives to camp, is sorted and then sent up to the Outpost. An alternative for the summer of 2015, is sending it directly to the Outpost Address at:

Camper Name RR#1, Site 2 Markstay, Ontario P0M 2G0

Our Quetico trip has its own unique address. Any mail with the intention of being received on canoe trip should be sent to the following address. If meant for after trip and in camp, please use the camp mailing address or courier address.

Camper Name Quetiquest Outfitters 123 Camp Quetico Rd. P.O Box 1060 Atikokan, Ontario P0T IC0

Please note that Camp Wapomeo mail arrives to Camp Ahmek first and is then sent over to the Island. The Wapomeo Senior Staff are diligent in picking up mail every day and usually do so in the afternoon.

We hope you are having an amazing summer and we appreciate the time you put into your care packages and letters!