Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo

Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo are brother-sister camps. The camps provide a unique summer camp experience. The way in which the camps are set up have the Ahmek boys on the mainland and the Wapomeo girls on two beautiful islands. The camps co-exist, sharing activity spaces and getting together for Intercamp events and evening programs.

You may be wondering, what exactly is Intercamp? Every Thursday, corresponding sections are brought together to participate in various activities planned by both the Ahmek and Wapomeo Section Directors. Often, the Junior sections, meaning the Bantams/Kiowas, Pioneers/Tuscies, and the Mountaineers/Shawnees will have their own Intercamp while the Senior sections, meaning the Voyageurs/Ojibs and Long Trips will be at another. Having two camp locations makes this a simple task, allowing the two Intercamps their own space to use. Intercamps at Ahmek often involve activity rotations based on sports, putting the athletic amenities to use. Due to it’s smaller size, Intercamps at Wapomeo often involve baking competitions and other camp craft related activities.

Intercamp Thursdays end with an all camp barbeque and dance! Section Directors work hard to prepare delicious hamburgers for all campers and staff. The buffet style provides ample time for socializing with friends from all sections at both camps. While the Junior sections head to a dance to complete their day, the Senior sections participate in an evening activity such as an evening paddle or a scavenger hunt.

Intercamp days allow campers and staff to develop lifelong friendships with those from the other camp. The brother-sister relationship that has been honed at Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo since 1924 is still very much alive today. Campers grow up together through the sections and often become staff together. These types of friendships are those which will last forever. A bond created at summer camp is one that cannot be found anywhere else.

Intercamp at TSC
Intercamp at TSC