TSC Summer 2015

TSC Summer 2015 has come to an end with the last week of the August session. When camp winds down, there are many special events and activities that campers have the opportunity to participate in. The August campers work hard towards their swim and canoe levels, taking their last ride on a horse and completing their arts & crafts projects, the 50 day campers  finish their final days of canoe trips. The major events at the end of camp are the Final Play, Final Dance, the Stilson, the Boule, Final Banquet, Ahmek A and Wapomeo Candle Lighting.

On Monday August 24th, all TSC campers and staff, as well as Canoe Lake cottagers gathered in the Ahmek dining hall to watch this summer’s production of School of Rock! Direction and production is credited to the Ahmek and Wapomeo drama instructors. These two ladies worked hard with the Quetico and Bisco campers practicing lines and painting sets all week. This play is a beloved and timeless tradition of the Taylor Statten Camps and is followed by the annual Final Dance! Senior campers dance the night away, enjoying one of their final evenings at the camps and taking pride in their summer accomplishments.

On Tuesday August 25th, the annual Stilson race at Ahmek and Final Banquet at both camps took place. The Stilson race includes a paddling portion and a portaging portion. There are different variations of the route of the race depending on age group but all campers and staff are invited to participate. The staff Stilson is an event that cottagers enjoy as well! Final Banquet involves dressing up in accordance to a fun theme. Themes in the past have included pirates, around the world and under the sea. The food is special for this night, to commemorate the end of an incredible summer.

On Wednesday August 26th, the annual Boule race at Wapomeo, the Ahmek A and Wapomeo Candle Lighting events took place. The Boule is a canoeing race and the route depends on the age of the participant. All campers and staff are invited to participate and like the Stilson, the staff Boule is enjoyed by cottagers around Canoe Lake. The Ahmek A and Wapomeo Candle Lighting are music filled events that allow campers and staff to reflect on their summer experience.

We hope everyone had an amazing summer here at the Taylor Statten Camps. We appreciate everything that our staff has done and we love our campers. We cannot wait to see everyone next summer!!

TSC Summer 2015
TSC Summer 2015 comes to an end!