Camp after the Summer

TSC in the fall
TSC in the fall

Camp after the summer is definitely quieter, but that does not mean that it completely shuts down! Some of you may not know, but there are staff who stay up at camp until Thanksgiving and beyond! It is chilly, requiring bundling up in warm scarves, toques and jackets but all worth it. The colours of the leaves turn from rich forest green to vivid yellow, orange and red and the water is blue as blue can be. It is an absolutely beautiful time of year to be on Canoe Lake. Camp Wapomeo is closed up, with our maintenance man Lorne manning the Island. He, along with TSC staff assistants, put away canoes, move docks and locks up cabins. The same thing has to happen at Camp Ahmek, however this occurs later in the season.

Before Camp Ahmek is closed up entirely, the main land often hosts events such as small parties, weddings and school groups. The Fall of 2015 brought us a corporate retreat for a hi-tech start-up company, an anniversary BBQ for the Algonquin Forestry Authority and as stated in the previous blog, a school group from Toronto. These guests are blown away by the beauty of the scenery and the history that is housed throughout Camp Ahmek. Sharing the joy that TSC brings to us, with others, is something that cannot be replicated. These events were all a success and we look forward to what Fall 2016 has in store.

What many TSC campers may not know is that there are a group of staff that stay on through to Thanksgiving. Along with the TSC maintenance staff, 3 individuals hailing from both Ahmek and Wapomeo have worked hard this past month to ensure the camp is winter ready. Lucy has been painting and striping, putting the finishing touches on newly repaired canoes by Dave Standfield. Harrison and Geoff have been working alongside carpenter Leon and Wapomeo maintenance guru Lorne to re-roof and winterizing multiple cabins. All staff have contributed to the moving of canoes, sailboats, lifeguard chairs, kayaks, paddleboards and totem poles. With such a small group of people, it is extremely hard work however hard work that comes easy when taking care of such a beautiful and special place.

Thank you to everyone who helps out here on Canoe Lake! Whether you have been here for the whole Fall, helped out for a couple days or just joined us for school groups, you are pivotal to the upkeep of this camp and without you; the campers would not have such an amazing camp to enjoy. How How!