The Benefits of Camp

Taylor Statten Summer Camps
Taylor Statten Summer Camps

The benefits of Camp in the long term – what are they? Camp provides children with a chance to learn, without knowing they are learning. What we mean by this is that while participating in activities, co-existing with a group and going on canoe trip seems like a whole lot of fun, the learning aspect camouflages within the level of enjoyment. When you are at school, you know you are there to be academically challenged and achieve a certain grade level. When you are at camp, you are learning life skills and lessons that will carry you through your adult life, often contributing greatly to your success. A certain newly elected Canadian Prime Minister, anyone?

Escape from Technology and Reconnect with Nature

These days, adults and children alike find themselves glued to screens all day long. Not only are you exposed to them at home, but tablets and SmartBoards are more often than not engrained within a teacher’s lesson plan. Camp gives your children an out – even just for a small amount of time. A few weeks without technology will allow your child to recuperate, open their eyes to the natural world around them and thoroughly enjoy what the outdoors can offer.

Physical Activity

Along with technology comes the inevitable lack of moving. What camp can offer your child is a chance to constantly exert their energy through physical activity. Not only will they participate in sports, canoeing, kayaking, swimming and more, but they are given the opportunity to discover their range of physical ability. Maybe they swim more lengths or paddle their canoe faster than they thought they could. Maybe they finally score that goal. Ultimately, camp teaches children the importance including a dose of physical activity in their daily routine, and how doing so can be fun.

Confidence and Independence

At camp, there is a place for everyone and it teaches kids that being yourself leads to making true friendships that last a life time. It gives you a chance to try new things, maybe something of which you were fearful. Learning the importance of being yourself and trying new things leads to a major boost in confidence.

With such confidence, children are also able to become more independent. Going to camp is the first step, leaving home for a while to experience something without your parents. Children are placed in cabin groups and develop the ability to co-exist in what feels like a giant extended slumber party. You learn to do things on your own, respect your space as well as respect that of others.

Social Skills

Camp is the absolutely best place to meet new people outside of school and family. If it is your child’s first time at camp, do not fret. It is guaranteed that there at least one other child in the same boat. If your child is returning to camp, they are able to reunite with their friends but also meet those who are attending for the first time. Camp is a community and teaches children how to live harmoniously with others. Children learn that everyone has characteristics that make them special and unique. With this comes the lesson of how to compromise as well as respect the opinions and feelings of others. When it comes to most activities and adventures at camp, the end goal is only attainable if the whole group participates.