The TSC Canoe Trip Program

The TSC Canoe Trip Program – A Guide

The TSC Canoe Trip Program is a major part of what makes Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo so unique. However, the different names, lengths and locations can get confusing even for those who have been attending camp for years! Below you will find explanations to guide you through the program. Please note that special trips are offered to campers who are 12 years or older.

Temagami trips range from 11 to 14 days. They are offered to those who have had previous tripping experience in Algonquin Park and include a bus ride to and from.The terrain is moderate to hard as it can range depending on area. The portages are not marked with signs, as they are in the Park, and are slightly less maintained. If you enjoy a good balance between number of portages and amount of paddling, this is the trip for you!

Killarney trips are 10 days in length and provide campers with the opportunity to trip in Killarney Provincial Park, situated on the North Shore of Georgian Bay. Cabins will depart and return to TSC on a bus. The lakes in Killarney are Windex blue, which makes swimming extra fun. The terrain is easy to moderate, as the park is small and maintained. A highlight for many cabins is the hike up Silver Peak, the highest point in Killarney Park. If you enjoy shorter days and clear blue lakes, this is the trip for you!

Barron River trips occur within Algonquin Park and are 12 days in length. The cabins will depart from their respective camps, with the end location being the Barron Canyon. A bus will be waiting to pick the cabins up on the last day to bring them back to camp. This is an extremely unique part of the Park which includes massive but stunning rock faces and highlights such as Eustache Lake (the deepest lake in the park surrounded by 80 ft cliffs). The terrain is hard but very rewarding. If you want the chance to explore a part of the Park that other TSC trips are unable too, this is the trip for you!

Kipawa trips are 22 days in length and ventures into the Kipawa region of Quebec. All cabins depart from camp and are dropped off at various locations, depending on their route. The emphasis within this trip is on paddling because of large lakes such as Lac Kipawa, however, you could also find yourself travelling through rivers (i.e. the Kipawa River) and creeks. The length of this trip teaches you the importance that working as a team has on the success of your canoe trip. The terrain is moderate and a perfect introduction to long trips. If you love paddling and are 13 years (or older) then this is the trip for you!

TSC Canoe Trip Program
TSC Canoe Trip Program

Quetico trips are 36 days in length and provide campers the opportunity to experience a canoe trip in a territory a little bit farther from home. Quetico Provincial Park is a rugged landscape of granite cliffs, spectacular waterfalls, large lakes, and small rivers, East of Thunderbay, Ontario and North of Minnesota, USA. Because Quetico is a protected park, the portages are marked and maintained, making navigating a breeze. Cabins depart from camp on a 2 day bus ride, stopping at Pancake Bay and Kakabeka Falls. Following their trip through the Boundary Waters and completion of the 14km long Grand Portage, cabins enjoy a relaxing flight to Toronto from Thunderbay. A bus and pizza greet the cabins before they make their journey back to Algonquin Park. This trip is a great way to get to know other campers in your section as well as those at both Ahmek and Wapomeo. If you enjoy travel, a mix of paddling and portaging, as well as socializing, this is the trip for you!

Ishpatina and Bisco are trips that differ in length but travel through similar areas. Ishpatina is a 36 day trip and is perfect for those looking for a challenging trip, at a shorter length. Bisco is 42 days in length. Both are incredible opportunities to work on leadership and team work skills as the area surrounding (Biscotasing, Temagami and Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park) varies from rugged and less maintained to well travelled and populated. You do not often cross paths with other TSC trips, making these two trips personal and unforgettable. If you enjoy a range of terrain and cabin bonding time, this is the trip for you!

50 Day is a trip held dear to every person who completes it. It is a life-changing experience, resulting in strength, new skills and friendships that last forever. 50 Day is the longest trip offered at TSC and is open to those who have completed a Quetico, Ishpatina, or Bisco in the years prior. The difficulty of this trip would be ranked as high because of length and the range of terrains that one may encounter. 50 Day trips may visit Algonquin Park, Temagami, Killarney, Biscotasing, Lady Evelyn-Smoothwater Provincial Park, or Kipawa. If you are passionate about canoe trip and enjoy spending your entire summer outdoors, this is the trip for you!