Becoming a TSC Staff Member

Becoming a TSC Staff Member

What to know when applying to be a TSC Staff Member

How do I apply and where do I find more information about available positions?

The first thing to know is that our staff application goes live on Monday, November 23rd 2015 and it can be found on our website at As a potential staff member, your contact person for the foreseeable future is Rebecca Last. She is available starting December 2nd to address any inquiries you may have throughout the process! Until then, you can check out the link above for job postings or call the Toronto office at 416 486 6959.

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for staff members who are passionate about the outdoors and working with children. Our hope for our Camp Wapomeo and Camp Ahmek campers are to learn new skills, build confidence, and learn the value of teamwork and leadership through interaction with the staff. It is the responsibility of counsellors, CITS, program staff, support staff and senior staff to ensure the safety of TSC campers and to create an environment where kids can have as much fun as possible.

What type of positions are available?

We have positions for counsellors, counsellors-in-training, section directors, guides, program staff and support staff. Counsellors and counsellors-in-training are responsible for campers throughout the day and night. Section directors are in charge of all the campers and staff in their sections, which are organized by age. Guides are trained to lead canoe trips for all age groups and provide an extra set of eyes while out in the wilderness. The program staff are made up of all the people who run activities. These include anything from swimming and canoeing to drama and pottery. Support staff are those who help camp run smoothly. These positions include boat driver, dining hall supervisor, receptionist and more.

Why the Taylor Statten Camps?

The Taylor Statten Camps are rich with history, dating back to 1921. Our camp provides an authentic but unique work experience in the Canadian Wilderness, as we are located in the heart of Algonquin Park. We welcome staff to apply from all over the world and hope to see you on Canoe Lake during the summer of 2016!


TSC Staff Members
A TSC Staff Member (Left) leading a sing song with his Quetico campers!