TSC Team Spirit

TSC Team Spirit

An Interview with a TSC Staff member

How many years did you attend TSC?

I attended TSC for 14 years- 9 as a camper, and 5 as staff.

As a staff member, what roles did you fulfill?

I was a CIT, counsellor, Tuscie Section Director, Quetico counsellor, and Program Director.

What was your most memorable experience as a staff member and why?

My most memorable experience was definitely leading Quetico. The girls impressed me every single day, with their strength, their laughter, and their ability to take care of one-another. Each one of us became the best versions of ourselves; accomplished, liberated, healthy and happy.

What is your current job and how do you feel TSC has impacted your path to and success in this area?

I am currently finishing my Master’s degree in Social Work and Public Health.

Camp has made me stronger. I often think back to my first canoe trip, as an 8 year-old. With the help of some very caring counsellors and encouraging cabin-mates, I was able to finish the portage, to learn to love canoe tripping, and even went on to complete a 50-day canoe trip. In my work as a social worker, I often think of these moments, both for myself and my clients. I am able to work with my clients to discover what pushes them through hardship, who are the people that can help them overachieve this, and how they can find the inner strength and resilience to move forward. Additionally, camp taught me the importance of communication. Being in a beautiful place stripped of modern-day technology, I was able to really connect with the people around me. Despite having different backgrounds, upbringings and personalities, after spending months in the same cabin with the same people, we were often able to finish each other’s sentences and know what one-another were thinking. In my work as a social worker, I often think back to how important it is to listen, to accept other points of views, and to immerse myself in other cultures. Finally, when it comes to developing workshops, educational initiatives and programs in Public Health, I sure have intercamp to thank!

What words of advice do you have for those currently working at TSC?

I think many staff members may get pressure from those around them to eventually leave camp and get a job elsewhere. Don’t sell yourself short. Being a leader and responsible for 7 people is no easy feat. It is important to follow your passion, to inspire others, and to do what makes you happy.