TSC Interview

TSC Interview

Interview with a former TSC Staff Member

How many years did you attend TSC?


As a staff member, what roles did you fulfill?

Bantam/Pioneer Counsellor; Pioneer/Voyageur Section Director; Quetico Counsellor

What was your most memorable experience as a staff member and why?

I most often discuss my time spent canoe tripping in Quetico Provincial Park when I tell friends/co-workers about my time at camp. Long canoe trips may only consume a small fraction of your life, but they’re one of few activities that demand all of your time for its full duration. There are no breaks or distractions from canoe trip; you don’t pack up and go home at 5PM then return in the morning, you’re fully invested in your day, week, segment, route and cabin mates until the summer concludes. For that reason, when you think back to canoe trip, you’re not thinking back to a good time you once had, you’re thinking back to a period of your life. You think back to a time when you developed as a person, learned new skills and had the opportunity to be a constant leader.

What is your current job and how do you feel TSC has impacted your path to and success in this area?

I am currently working in an engineering development program with a large oil company in Western Canada and offshore Newfoundland & Labrador. As part of the program, I rotate through departments within the company every six months to gain exposure to a variety of operations and develop a better understanding of the industry. As such, I am required to constantly transfer office’s and live in different areas of Canada. TSC helped me expand my comfort zone to live away from home for extended periods of time and has also provided me with a drive to take advantage of new experiences in new locations when the opportunity is available. In an engineering role I am also required to have a high tolerance for ambiguity and complexity with several tasks on a daily basis. I feel that long canoe trip is a time when you constantly solve small problems that you may not even be aware of, which, over time, increases your level of patience and allows you to think more clearly when faced with challenges.

What words of advice do you have for those currently working at TSC?

Continuously improve on skills that camp helps develop, and don’t get comfortable with what you already do well. School or work may be on pause, but you shouldn’t be.