10 Signs You Are a Summer Camp Lifer

10 Signs You Are a Summer Camp Lifer

The idea of camp does not end just because the summer does. The memories live on for the rest of the year, with visions of hot summer days by the lake helping us get through those cold winter days. Social media makes it easy for us to connect with camp friends over the year, reminiscing about funny situations on canoe trip or that time that we made friendship bracelets at arts & crafts. The ability to communicate instantaneously with camp friends keeps those friendships strong, ready to take on the next summer together.

It seems the common theme with summer camp is that once you go once, you tend to continue until you become staff. This is what we call a “summer camp lifer.” At the Taylor Statten Camps, the majority of our staff have been campers for 5 or more years and aim to give their campers the same amazing experience they were given. Summer camp lifers keep the traditions, history and spirit of Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo alive!

But how can you tell if you or someone you know is a summer camp lifer? See below for the top 10 signs that you are a summer camp lifer…

10.You have a countdown to the day camp starts.

9.You browse the online Tuck Shop store on the regular.

8.You own a Camp Ahmek or Camp Wapomeo ring.

7.You wear at least 1 item of TSC clothing every day.

6.You consistently post camp photos on social media.

5.You can always circle back to camp in your daily conversations.

4.When asked about your favourite place, the answer includes one or more of the following: Ahmek, Wapomeo, TSC, Algonquin Park or Canoe Lake.

3.You keep in contact with your camp friends throughout the school year.

2.You dream of Camp, day and night.

1.You love camp!

Wapomeo girls 2015
Wapomeo girls 2015!