10 Things Only TSC Summer Campers Will Understand

There are just some things that only summer campers can understand. We love our non-summer camp friends dearly, but there is a general understanding between all Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo campers, that the experiences had at the Taylor Statten Camps are unique. We live in the outdoors, away from the luxuries of modern society, where such a removal brings all campers and staff together. Working as a team is integral to the daily schedule, whether it is playing a basketball game during daily programming or finishing a portage on canoe trip. Every day at the Taylor Statten camps is a combination of new adventures and routine, a routine that is rich with history and tradition. This combination is truly something that only summer campers will really understand. Below is a compilation of 10 things that we believe only TSC summer campers will relate to:
  1. The thrill of finally memorizing a camp song or cheer.
  2. The joy of wearing the same clothes every day on canoe trip.
  3. The use of a Wannigan.
  4. That feeling you get when you finish a portage.
  5. The importance of camp clothing and getting to the Tuck Shop first.
  6. The excitement felt when the “it” bell rings.
  7. The significance of the colours orange and green.
  8. That sense of accomplishment when you pass a level at canoeing and/or swimming.
  9. The smell of fresh Algonquin Park air.
  10. The notion that “camp friends are forever friends.”

Whether you go to TSC or another summer camp, you can always find unique traditions rich with history. Spending your summer in the great outdoors allows one to take a step back, unplug and enjoy what the world has to offer.

Only 5 months until summer!

Wapomeo 2015
Wapomeo campers 2015