10 Things Summer Camp Teaches Us

10 Things Summer Camp Teaches Us:

  1. How to Be Prepared: always pack more batteries than you think you’ll need because your flashlight will die when you least expect it. You also never know when it might rain so bringing your rain coat is key!
  2. How to Stay in Touch with Friends: Whether your camp friends live in a different city or on a different continent maintaining those friendships for a long time is something we learn at camp. Letter writing skills which we develop while at summer camp translate into emails and instant messaging when we’re back in the city. Knowing you always have a camp friend to talk to during the winter months can be super helpful when we start to miss camp.
  3. Patience: At camp we are constantly learning new skills and having new experiences. Patience is a crucial skill to all aspects of camp life and each day everyone practices patience in activities, during meals and on canoe trip just to name a few examples.
  4. How to avoid getting sunburnt: Being outside all day at camp has taught us how to be sun safe. Always carrying a water bottle, wearing a hat and re-applying sunscreen frequently are just a few things we learn at camp.
  5. The Value of Teamwork: Overcoming obstacles is something that we encounter on a daily basis not only in camp but on canoe trip as well. Camp teaches us how to work with others to achieve our goals.
  6. How to Push Your Boundaries: Sometimes we place limits on ourselves based on what we think we are capable of. On canoe trip especially, we get to test our actual limits, both physical and mental. The environment, your cabin mates, and other conditions allow you to do more than what you thought possible and put aside those self-imposed limits.
  7. Independence: Being away from home for the first time can be scary. But learning to be independent is totally worth it. From making a bed to deciding if you want to go to free swim, you will learn things daily at camp that will help you feel more independent when back in city life.
  8. How to Unplug: We all know that technology can be amazing, but being at camp allows us some time to take a step back from it. Unplugging gives us the time to appreciate nature and build lasting friendships.
  9. Perseverance: No matter if you’re learning a new stroke at canoeing class, battling a huge headwind or making it across your toughest portage on canoe trip perseverance is a skill you will develop at camp that is essential to city life.
  10. How to Be Yourself: Camp is a place where we find our forever friends while maintaining our true identities. There are friendships waiting to be made at camp, no matter who you are as long as you just be yourself!