My Journey at TSC

My Journey at TSC

Camp Wapomeo has been a part of my life for as long as I can remember. My family has a strong connection to TSC as both my parents attended Ahmek and Wapomeo as children. We attended September Camp annually from the time I was two years old until I was a staff member.

My first summer at Wapomeo was in 2001, I was nine years old and I was going to go for two weeks. My parents had arranged for three daughters of their friends to be in my cabin. I met them for the first time at the Portage Store getting on the boat to head towards our first (of many) adventures at Wapomeo. Our first overnight canoe trip was interesting to say the least, as it rained for the full 48 hours. We were still able to have a campfire and roast marshmallows, which was all we cared about anyways!

The following summer we all returned to be in the same cabin and had much better weather on our four day Algonquin park trip. This increase in length in canoe trips was the beginning of my love for canoe trip. After various trips to Temagami and a Kipawa trip in 2007 my cabin mates and I decided to partake in the Wabakimi trip in 2008. Offered at the time as an alternative to Quetico, Wabakimi was a 36-day canoe trip 300km North of Thunder Bay. We saw some incredible wildlife in a place that few people have seen.

2009 marked my first summer as a staff member at TSC, my summer as a CIT provided me with some invaluable lessons in patience, gratitude and enthusiasm that I was later able to apply to by subsequent summers as a counsellor. In 2012, I was fortunate enough to be selected to sit at Head Table for the first time, as the Section Director for the youngest girls, the Kiowas. The Kiowas taught me about enjoying the little things in life, stopping to watch a butterfly and pretending the ground is hot lava while jumping from rocks to roots were just some of the activities that became a daily occurrence in the Kiowa Section.

During the next two summers I got to lead two long canoe trips, a Kipawa in 2013 and a Quetico in 2014. I still count my co-staff on these trips as two of my closest friends and I can say with confidence this would not have happened if we hadn’t been put on canoe trips together.

In 2015 I was the Program Director for Wapomeo, at first the job was daunting, however, it was one of the most incredible learning experiences I have ever had. Not only was it an organizational challenge but I was also meeting many new people that I wouldn’t have had the chance to meet otherwise. Now I have friends from all over the world.

This leads us to this coming summer. I am so excited to be coming back to camp once again to be the Assistant Director of Wapomeo. This is a role that I have always dreamed of filling at camp as it is essential to the smooth operation of daily camp life. Who would have thought in 2001 as a Kiowa I would be back in 2016 as the Assistant Director.

Kate Burry