The Importance of Unplugging

The Importance of Unplugging

Each summer returning to Canoe Lake allows us the perfect opportunity to leave the city behind and fully embrace a rustic, back-to-nature approach to life. This includes the modern conveniences of technology. Google maps, Instagram, the Weather app – all amazing tools in our day-to-day life in the city but unnecessary to our camp life. By leaving the cell phones, laptops and other electronics at home when we come up to camp we allow ourselves to live in the moment.

While it may seem scary at the beginning to be away from the technology that sometimes feels like an extension of who we are, with a much-needed break we are able to hold conversations and form lasting friendships. When we all put down our phones we are able to connect with all of our friends at camp. The more connections we allow ourselves to make at camp the more lasting friendships for the future we are able to make. Camp friendships are some of the most special because we share so many experiences at camp, it truly is like a family.

When we unplug, we open an opportunity for learning about our surroundings. Learning can happen anywhere even at summer camp. Any time we are in a new or different environment from what we’re used to there are things waiting to be discovered. We can learn things from our cabin mates about the places they come from, we learn new skills in our activities and we learn independence by being at camp. None of these learning opportunities would happen if we were constantly checking for how many “likes” our picture just got.

Living in the moment is a lesson we all need an annual refresher course in each summer. Being content in the silence of Algonquin Park and appreciating the beauty that surrounds us is something that only happens when we look away from the screens.

Overall technology can be an amazing tool, however, is unessential to get the most out of camp. In fact, technology at camp can actually take away from the experience and learning opportunities. This is why our back-to-basics approach is one we fully embrace at the Taylor Statten Camps. You can’t blink or you might miss something!