7 reasons why kids should go to camp

IMGP01307 Reasons why Kids should go to Camp

Once school is out, the learning does not have to end. Summer camp provides kids from the around the world the opportunity to exercise their brain outside of the traditional classroom. The Taylor Statten Camps is an ideal environment for children to learn and grow while benefiting from being outdoors.

1) To develop healthy habits   – Developing healthy habits are hard when you are sitting at a desk all day. School boards put emphasis on physical activity (which is awesome!), but nothing compares to the constant activity found at summer camp. Campers are movin’ and shakin’ all day long, whether they are on a weeklong canoe trip or hitting canoeing, swimming, tennis and horseback riding all in one day!

2)To unplug from technology –  In our world, it is impossible to get away from cell phones, social media and TV… or so we thought! Summer camp allows kids to completely unplug from their tablets, computers and phones to develop meaningful friendships while taking in the beauty of the outdoors.

3)To learn useful life skills –  Summer camp is full of opportunities for skill building. Kids live in cabin groups and these cabin groups live, eat, attend activities and complete a canoe trip all as one unit. By living and playing together, campers learn to work together to conquer any challenge that comes their way.

4)To meet positive role models outside of the family structure –  Counsellors, section directors, program staff and trip guides provide a mentorship that cannot be found anywhere else. Campers look up to their staff as role models. The people you meet at camp become a second family, who teach you new skills, and provide constant support and encouragement.

5)To have new experiences –  Camp provides constant opportunities to try new things. Want to go horseback riding? No problem! Want to learn how to flip a canoe? We’ve got you covered. Nervous to jump in the lake? We’ll jump with you! No matter what the new experience is, it is always worth it. Camp staff are always there to help and support campers when trying new things.

6)To foster independence and gain confidence –  Being away from home for the first time can be scary but the more days at camp you spend, the more independent you become. From this new found independence comes the confidence to try new activities and meet new friends. Kids deserve the chance to be true to themselves and flourish on a daily basis.

7)To Have Fun! –  What better reason to go to camp than to have fun. Kids should be able to let off steam in an environment that is safe and accepting while enjoying everything that Algonquin Park and the Taylor Statten Camps has to offer. See you this summer!