I am going on a Long Trip… What should I pack!?

All canoe trips, no matter the length, require the same basic items. At the Taylor Statten Camps, we have trips that range from an overnight to 50 days. Although the basic items remain the same, those going on a canoe trip that involves a food drop may want to consider a few extra items. It is also important to have “wet” and “dry” clothing which is differentiated by day and night clothes. Your “wet” clothing is what you trip in. These items will get wet so quick dry material is always recommended. Your “dry” clothing is what you wear on the campsite and to sleep in at night. These items need to be warm, especially for those August nights! On food drops, it is always a good idea to replenish underwear, socks and even your “wet” TShirt. If you are going on a Kipawa, Quetico, Bisco or 50 Day this summer, check out the list below when you begin to pack for camp.

1. Sleeping Bag
2. Hiking Boots
3. “Wet” Socks
4. “Wet” Shirt
5. “Wet” Shorts
6. “Wet” Long Sleeve
7. “Dry” Socks
8. “Dry” Pants
9. “Dry” Shirt
10. “Dry” Sweatshirt
11. Hat
12. Rain Jacket & Rain Paints
13. Underwear
14. Sports Bra (Wapomeo)
15. 20L Dry Bag
16. Toothbrush & Toothbrush Holder
17. Headlamp (i.e Petzl)
18. Sunscreen
19. Bug Spray

Food Drops:
1. New “Wet” Socks
2. New “Dry” Socks
3. New Underwear
4. Sunscreen
5. Bug Spray
6. Toothbrush & Toothpaste
7. Batteries (For headlamp, camera etc.)

*Long Trip Extras:
1. Card Games
2. Books
3. Journal
4. Inflatable Mattress (i.e. Therm-a-Rest)
5. Mattress Repair Kit
6. Inflatable Pillow
7. Sunglasses (with glasses strap)
8. Pelican Case (for cameras)
9. Fanny Pack
10. Biodegradable Soap (i.e Camp Suds)
11. Stamps and Stationary
*Please note that these items are NOT required

When on canoe trip for an extended period of time, you want to be as comfortable as possible. Having the opportunity to connect with nature on this level is something that not everyone gets to do. It is a privilege and it is important to respect the back country that becomes our temporary home. Please ensure all products are environmentally safe.

Long trip packing list