What you can look forward to this summer…

Camp is fast approaching! Our first round of campers arrives in only 43 days. In the days leading up to camper arrival, our staff will be working hard to get program areas ready, camper cabins are prepped and certifications are up to date. They will also be going through training sessions to ensure they are ready for anything! While the staff are getting prepared, you can start looking forward to the following:

  1. P2Meeting Your Counsellor/CIT – There is something to be said about the excitement one feels when getting off the bus at Camp Ahmek or off the boat at Camp Wapomeo and seeing your counsellor for the first time. Maybe you know them from the previous summer or maybe you are meeting shawnee 15 daythem for the first time. Either way, it is always exciting!
  2. Going On Canoe Trip – Canoe trip is the ultimate way to connect with nature and explore the great Canadian wilderness. If you haven’t been on one before, your counsellor, guide and CIT will be there to teach you everything you need to know. You’ll be a pro in no time!
  3. Learning New Skills – Camp is a great way to develop new skills and hone those you already possess. Not only can you learn physical skills like putting up a tent or carrying a canoe but you also learn leadership and teamwork skills.
  4. Meeting new friends & Seeing old friends – Like the saying goes, camp friends are forever friends! The friends you make at camp will be in your life forever. They are the type of friendships that no matter how much time passes between the last time you spoke, it is like nothing has changed at all once you reunite.
  5. Living in Algonquin Park – Algonquin Park is one of Canada’s treasures. The fact that we get to live there for even a small amount of time, means we are some of the luckiest people on the planet. The beauty of the landscape and the serenity of the lakes cannot be found anywhere else.
  6. Eating camp food – Camp food is the BEST. We have tons of variety, from burgers and fries to chicken Caesar salad to chicken souvlaki dinners!

What else are you looking forward to this summer!? Post your answer on Instagram or Facebook and make sure to tag @taylorstattencamps!