Camp is in full swing!

1-14After weeks of preparation and anticipation, it feels so good to have campers bring the Taylor Statten Camps back to life! On Canoe Lake we’ve been so lucky to kick of the summer with blue skies and endless sunshine. Here’s what has been going on since the campers have arrived:

The swim-dump test went swimmingly! At the beginning of each session all the campers have to demonstrate their skills in the water and on the water. At TSC we make sure our campers are equipped with the proper skills for in camp and out of camp activties.

Health screens have kept our nurses and doctor busy. As a camp that promotes healthy lifestyle, we have to stay updated on camper health!

Tennis, tennis, and lots of tennis! The Wapomeo and Ahmek campers have been doing a great job breaking in our new tennis and ball hockey courts. We have never seen the courts so full at all hours of the day. Watch out! By the end of the summer we are going to have some serious tennis pros!

Evening program! The fun doesn’t stop after dinner at TSC, last night the Mountaineers and Shawnees faced off in a game of capture the flag in Sim’s Pits. Over at Wapomeo the Kiowa’s got 1-17
pampered with spa night before tucking in for some beauty sleep.

Long trip banquets! Our long trip and senior SD’s prepared 2 incredible banquets with delicious food (steak, anyone?) and inspiring conversation. Those invited to the banquets have either completed the trip before, or are preparing to head out for the first time. This is a special event from staff share advice while campers exude excitement.

Canoe trip send offs! It’s only been 4 days since camp has started and we have already sent out 25 trips. The 50 day, Bisco, Kipawa, 22 day Temagami, Barron River, Killarney, Voyaguer Temagemi and Park, Ojib Park, and Senior Park campers have set off to experience our stunning province and make the memories of a lifetime. We can’t wait to see their smiling faces return!

Summer 2016 is off to a great start and there is so much more to come! For regular updates check out our photo gallery on the camp website, Instagram and Facebook.

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