Canoe Lake Update

IMG_5284 Another great session here at TSC has come and gone. We said goodbye to our August 15 day and ATOC1 campers this past weekend and hello to our August 12 day and ATOC2 campers! The weather was extremely beautiful with hot and sunny days. We had our first really big down pour of rain this past week, which was a welcomed cool down.

Two major highlights this past week and half was welcoming home our Quetico and Bisco trips! Our Quetico trips completed the 14 KM grand portage on the morning of August 11th and our Bisco trips completed their 42nd day of trip on August 14th. All campers and staff looked wonderful, with a brand new experience under their belts. We are so proud of what they have accomplished! In other canoe trip news, our Tuscie/Pioneer, Shawnee/Mountaineer 12 day campers all left on canoe trip this morning. We wish them safe trip and hope they enjoy every moment of exploring what Algonquin Park has to offer.DSC00297

In camp, we have had a lot going on. At Ahmek, the August 15 day session went out with a bang with the annual shownight. MC Braedon Pauze, lead the way with jokes and anecdotes, while each cabin went up and performed a skit. Some skits poked fun at the Yellow Table members and even a counsellor got up to do impressions.  At Wapomeo, the performing continues! Campers and staff put on creative and entertaining lip syncs to popular songs, like “Can’t Stop the Feeling!” by Justin Timberlake. How how to all our TSC performers!

This past week has found Ojib and Voyageur campers competing in the Wilson sailing race. We are in the midst of the competition, with the final race occurring Friday August 19th! Good luck to all our racers and how how to everyone who participated.

IMG_5290Today is Thursday which means intercamp! Our Bantams and Kiowas will get together and our Ojib and Voyageurs will get together to participate in some friendly competition while our Long Trip campers keep working hard on Final Play! This morning, campers at Wapomeo enjoyed a pool party while campers at Ahmek participated in a fishing derby and the famous Dewey run.1-8

Although camp and the summer itself is winding down, there is still so much to look forward too! Our Kipawa, Temagami and 50 Day trips return home this Monday, August 22nd. Inaddition, campers will get to experience final banquet, final dance, the Boule, the Stilson, Candle Lighting and Ahmek A.

The fun never stops here at TSC!!