Canoe Lake Update

Helloooo TSC! It has been a busy few weeks here in the camp office. Registration for summer 2017 opened on November 7th and the amount of campers we are seeing already is incredible! If you haven’t registered yet, start thinking about it because spots are filling up quickly. To get directly to the login page, click here.

On November 21st, we released our 2017 staff application and have seen a record number of applicants in the first 2 days! We are so excited to see new and familiar names and cannot wait to start the process. To apply, click here.

Up in Algonquin, the camp has been covered with a fresh blanket of snow as construction on the new Bantam cabins comes to a close and refurbishment of the green war canoe begins! After seeing how the orange canoe turned out, we know the green one is going to be just as beautiful.

11220824_10205126577118212_1985522685267806936_nAs the snows of winter begin to cover the land here in Canada, there are many ways you can hold onto the warmth of the past summer at TSC.

  1. Get in touch with your camp friends! In today’s world, there are so many ways we can stay in touch with our camp friends around the globe. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Email, Video Chat, and more. Use these tools to your advantage and get in touch, talk about what you loved about last summer and together, you can look forward to what is in store for next summer.
  2. Plan a get together! Why not plan a camp themed holiday get together? Get your cabin mates or camp friends all in one place to celebrate the holidays and reminisce about camp memories. If a few of your friends live in different cities or countries or even continents, call them in over video chat and it’ll be like they are right there with you.
  3. Organize your summer photos! There is nothing better that can bring up warm and happy memories than a walk down memory lane through pictures. Why not try to organize your photos into a scrapbook or upload them onto your computer to create a book (this can be done through programs such as iTunes).
  4. Go shopping on our online Tuck Shop! Need some new warm, winter clothes? Check out our selection of sweatshirts and hoodies on our online store. If you are shopping between November 25th and November 28th, use the code “TSCBLACKFRIDAY” for 50% off all summer 2015 gear!! To get shopping, click here.

And remember…

There are only 220 Days until Camp!