Season’s Greetings from TSC!

winter-8We hope that everyone is enjoying their holidays and taking this time to appreciate the year that has passed.  Here at camp we are thankful to have had such a successful summer, which we owe to our staff, campers and their families.  We want to take this opportunity to share some of the significant moments to look back on from 2016:

Dr. Tay’s passing – This summer we said good-bye to one of TSC’s greatest legends.  His ventures and feats were countless and his impact on TSC will continue well past his 101 years of life.

Record number of special trips – With each year the tripping program gets stronger and 2016 saw 12 long trips, 10 Kipawas, a Temagami 22-day special, and 18 special trips.

Council Ring revamp by Oisin O’neill – Our CIT section director spent his spare time creating a new version of Council Ring that focuses on nature appreciation in Algonquin Park.  Oisin and his CITs hauled and rigged to create a new set-up for the Council Ring space and it looked phenomenal!

Record number of registrations – This summer we hit over 900 campers! Camp was thriving with full sections and dining halls. We also had a record number of try-out campers who we were so happy to welcome to the TSC community.

War Canoe restoration – Dave Standfield, Leon Turcotte, Lorne Dean and their team spent the off-season restoring the Ahmek war canoe.  It looked stunning as it re-entered the waters of Canoe Lake and was paddled back to Wapomeo for the first time.  Up next is the Wapomeo war canoe for summer 2017!

These are just a fraction of the many moments we will carry on with us from 2016! It has been a fulfilling year that has left us with pride and sentiment; as it comes to a close we are ready to welcome 2017 and prepare for another amazing summer!

Happy holidays to the TSC family!

All the best,

The Taylor Statten Camps Team