5 very important skills you can put on your resume after being a camp counsellor

Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally http://blacknorangephotography.pixieset.com/portfolio/
Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally

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Being a camp counsellor may sound like it is all fun and games which is a big part but in reality, it is also a 24/7 job that requires hard work and dedication. The skills you learn in the counsellor role are crucial to your success as you enter the adult world of job hunting and career development. Summer camps across Ontario offer a variety of counsellor positions, in which you are either running a program or leading a cabin. Camp Ahmek for boys and Camp Wapomeo for girls provides young adults the chance to develop the following skills that employers look for when hiring.


The counsellor role is one which holds the most responsibility at the camp. Your job is to take the lives of 6 or 7 campers into your own hands, ensuring that they are safe and happy at all times. If they are in need, whether it is help with a task or assistance in an emergency, it is your responsibility to care for someone else’s child, a parent’s pride and joy. The ability to handle this level of responsibility is an incredible skill that not all job candidates will have.

Leadership Skills

What comes with being able to handle responsibility in the work place comes the fostering of leadership skills. A camp counsellor is just that, a leader. The counsellor’s job is to guide their campers through daily activities and on canoe trip by teaching skills and leading by example. They are role models for their campers, and their influence continues well past the summer’s end.

Teamwork Skills

The reason TSC is one of the best summer camps in Ontario is a result of a dedicated team effort. Counsellors, guides, program & support staff, CITs and senior staff work together coherently in order to ensure that the campers have the best possible summer. Majority of working environments are team based and being a camp counsellor only boosts these necessary skills.

Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally
Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally

Decision Making Skills

There are many opportunities throughout the summer where a counsellor would have to make a decision. This may be in reference to a conflict amongst cabin mates or simply deciding on which game to play at an activity such as field sports.  On canoe trip, the counsellor, CIT and guide must work together to safely navigate the cabin group from lake to portage. Every day at summer camp, a counsellor is constantly making decisions to better a camper’s experience.

Organization Skills

A counsellor needs to be organized for a multitude of reasons. In camp, they need to make sure they know their cabin group’s schedule and that they are on top of their paperwork (i.e. camper files & parent letters). On canoe trip, they need to make sure they have all the correct trip gear (especially a map!) when packing and that it remains accounted for throughout the entirety of the trip.



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