50 things we love about canoe trip

mlp-20140719-tsc-8522What makes Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo of the Taylor Statten Camps unique from other summer camps in Ontario is our amazing canoe tripping program. As we are lucky to be located in Algonquin Park, our campers embarking on park trips have the authentic Canadian wilderness at right at their finger tips. Throughout the summer, we also have cabins heading out to the Barron Canyon, Temagami, Killarney, Kipawa, Quetico and the Biscotasing area. This month has been an exciting one for us at TSC because we have started to send out our special trip confirmations. We couldn’t be more excited for all our campers and the increased interest in these trips! We take pride in our tripping program and love that you do too. Keep sharing your excitement and canoe trip memories on Instagram and make sure to tag us!!dsc_1052

As many of you know, the big trip that is taken out by our most senior campers is the 50 day trip. This canoe trip is very special, as the route varies from cabin to cabin, allowing each group to make it their own. Trips have the opportunity to head out to almost all the regions mentioned above! It is difficult to put into words the experience that is a TSC 50 Day, but the sense of accomplishment and pride one feels upon completing one is like none other.


 In honour of ALL our canoe trips going out this summer, we have compiled a list of 50 things we LOVE about canoe trip… what else would you add to the list!?

1. A break from technology
2. The bonds of true friendship
3. Endless rows of trees
4. Being part of a brotherhood/sisterhood
5. Swimming in beautiful blue lakes
6. Air raiding on hot days
7. Seeing wildlife
8. Paddling big lakes
9. Personal growth
10. Learning to flip canoes
11. Carrying canoes
12. Portaging from lake to lake
13. Sleeping in a tent
14. Cooking on a campfire
15. Learning to build a campfire
16. Fishing
17. The feeling of freedom
18. A constant sense of accomplishment
19. Building resilience
20. Learning about the land
21. Appreciating the nature around you
22. Learning about your cabin mates
23. Becoming friends with your staff
24. The strong sense of teamwork
25. Setting up camp at the end of the day
26. Building memories
27. Exploring different regions of Ontario
28. Pushing yourself and perservering
29. Trying new things
30. Building new skills
31. Laughter
32. Warm weather
33. Amazing water features like waterfalls
34. Hiking Ontario peaks
35. Being outdoors
36. Learning to read maps
37. Lying under the stars at night
38. Sitting around the campfire
39. Muddy portages
40. Eating trip food
41. Learning to use an axe
42. Building shelters
43. Water runs
44. Baking tasty trip treats
45. Meeting new people
46. The sense of privacy
47. Beautiful scenery
48. Finding surprise beach campsites
49. Practicing sun safety
50. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle