Why working at summer camp is the best job ever!

The summer is fast approaching and we are very much looking forward to another unforgettable summer on Canoe Lake.  We are happy to report that almost all our summer positions are filled and there are only a few roles that remain open. As you begin to think about your summer plans, whether you are just finishing school or in between semesters, take some time to consider working at TSC as an option for this summer.  To help with your decision making, here are 5 reasons why working at summer camp is the best job ever..

1. You are surrounded by friends for an entire summer.
2. You get to escape the city and live in the great outdoors of Algonquin Park.
3. You get to impact the lives of children and share with them your love of summer camp.
4. You can hone your leadership, teamwork and other skills that are crucial to your resume while being outside and with your closest friends.
5. IT’S FUN!

If you are still on the fence yourself or have friends who are interested in working at camp, please have them contact us at 416 486 6959, apply online at www.taylorstattencamps.com. The positions we currently have available are:

Boat Driver (Wapomeo)
Waterfront Staff (Ahmek & Wapomeo)
Head of Canoeing (Ahmek & Wapomeo)
Dishwashers (Ahmek & Wapomeo)
Guides (Ahmek & Wapomeo)
Ahmek Counsellors & CITs
Tuck Shop (Ahmek & Wapomeo)

Only 112 days until camp!!! 😀 #TSCCountdown2017