Life After Camp – Daniel Dubuc

We recently saw a post on Facebook about 2 Wapomeo alumnae who have had huge success with their fashion line, Beaufille, and it had us wanting to know more about what life after camp has brought to others. We reached out on the Alumni Facebook Group to learn more and have received quite a few responses. Keep an eye out for blog posts titled “Life After Camp – Name” and the hashtag #LifeAfterCamp to find out is going on in our beloved TSC community.

Today we spotlight Daniel Dubuc, an alumni who worked at both Ahmek and Wapomeo in the 1970s.


Those were the best summers of my life.

I made friends that are still my friends today.

At camp, I saw everybody as equal. Except at the table, some eat more than others 🙂 It was a perfect environment.

I recently retired after forty years as a Graphic Designer.

Today, I do voluntary work locally. I drive elderly people to their doctor, wait for them and drive them back home. I see how lonely and poor they are and how they appreciate someone helping them. 

For me, it is my way of giving back to Life what Life gave me at camp: Happiness.”

– Daniel Dubuc