Long Trip – What’s it all about!?

Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally

What does it mean to complete a long trip? Camp Ahmek and Camp Wapomeo are two of the few camps in Canada that offer kids from around the world canoe trip adventures ranging from 1 night to 50 days. The Taylor Statten Camp’s long trip program is extremely unique and coveted within the TSC community. Those who have had the incredible opportunity of already embarking on one of these trips can attest to the magnitude of the experience. They would also be able to retell of the strange looks and responses they get from their city friends when they mention being in the woods for up to 50 days…

 “How do you shower!?”

“Do you miss your cell phone!?”

“15 days or 50 days???”


Canoe trip is most definitely an acquired taste but those who love it have a connection with nature, their friendships, and themselves to the point that being outside all summer, paddling a massive lake or carrying a canoe over a tough portage is both enjoyable and meaningful. Long trip is rewarding in a way that only TSC campers and staff can truly understand.

Photo by: Waleed Aumeerally

From beginning to end, a long trip camper goes through a transformation. They learn about themselves, gaining a sense of independence that cannot be gained from time in a classroom or hanging out in the city all summer. They learn how to work on a team while travelling and co-habiting with their cabin mates 24/7. Campers are put to the test, both mentally and physically, returning home at the end of the summer extremely strong in both realms.

Whether you’re going on an overnight trip or a 50 day this summer, you’re going to have an adventure and an experience you won’t forget.